Climate change – more local action needed NOW

Governments the world over are struggling to address climate change, some more successfully than others. But are local governments doing all they can and should? Is our municipality? And are we?

It’s up to all of us to urge our political representatives at all levels of government to increase – and speed up – their efforts. Town of Brome Lake is taking positive steps. Important environmental initiatives include the sewage and water treatment project in West Brome. And there are plans to invest in hybrid and electric vehicles. But more could be done, like setting more stringent environmental targets and sharing them with citizens. Regulations related to the preservation of the lake, to construction and tree cutting could be toughened up. And enforced. This all costs money, but with its healthy capital surplus, surely TBL can afford to do more.

Then there’s us. What more could we do as individuals to encourage action and reduce our carbon footprints? Maybe join or support a local environmental organisation. Consider ways to lessen our use of fossil fuels. Make energy efficiency a priority for major purchases, such as cars and large appliances. And let’s not forget lifestyle choices, like travel and holiday planning. Even the groceries we buy and the clothing we wear have an environmental impact. 

Climate change affects everyone, everywhere. We don’t have the luxury of time to change our planet-destroying habits. Let’s all do our part to promote and affect real change. And let’s do it now.