TBL Council – November – Budget surplus and inflation on the agenda 

Francine Bastien

Opening of the session 

The meeting takes place in the presence of all members of Council and about twenty citizens.

Director-General Gilbert Arel announces that the town’s fiscal year will end with a surplus of around $2M attributable to transfer duties (welcome tax) and salary savings given the non-replacement of certain employees.

Question Period 

After trying to raise $6 M to buy Mount Glen and reopen the ski resort, Peter White explains that the project will not take place. However, he suggested that TBL and West Bolton (where the mountain is located) come to an agreement in order to be able to acquire the property if it were to end up on the market in the future.

Citizens demonstrate their opposition to the adoption of the Knowlton development project on Julien Street.

There is inflation of development in Lac-Brome deplores a citizen. The derogations necessary to allow this development, in particular the right to three-storey buildings (current regulations limit to two floors), particularly worry the opponents who see in it a precedent which will extend to the whole territory. The mayor indicates that there is a register on this project and that there will be a referendum. He adds that this project would be welcome for citizens who wish to stay in Lac-Brome after selling their house.

Agreements, contracts and mandates

Inflation is also affecting snow removal contracts for this winter. Some have been reviewed and increased by 10% resulting in an increase in snow removal costs of around $132,000.

Regulations and legislation

Agreements by mutual agreement will be permitted up to $121,200 for contracts for supply, execution of work and provision of services. This amount was previously $25,000 and then rose to $101,000.

Modification of the zoning by-law to allow change of use of a lot located at 570 Knowlton Rd. A referendum will be held on this issue.

Urban planning and environment

Subdivision request for the construction of 8 new buildings on Turner Rd. in West Brome. Appointment of Matthew Greer to the Urbanism Consultative Committee (CCU).

Leisure, culture, tourism and community life

Granting of financial contributions: Action communautaire LacBrome, $20,000 and Knowlton Harmony Band, $1,800.

Next meeting: Monday, December 5 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome