West Bolton Council Meeting Dec 5th, 2022

All Councillors were present as well as 11 visitors.

The Mayor introduced Marie-Blanche Richer a new member of Council. The 2023 Budget  Meeting will be held on December 12th at 7:00 PM. 

Questions covered the following subjects: There is a need for more emphasis on the environment and maintenance of the rural character of West Bolton. Quebec will approve reduced speed limits on Bolton Pass Rd. (#243) to 80 km/h and on the lower section of Glen Rd to 55 km/h. More information on applications for building permits would be welcome.

Town Planning: 6 permits with a total value of $509,000 were issued.

Administration: Council Meetings in 2023 will be held on the first or second Monday of each month starting at 7:30 PM. See Website for details.

DG – Jean-Francois Grandmont and Road Supervisor John Rhicard have handed in their resignations. An urban management human resources consultant has been engaged to review the management of the municipality and make recommendations.

Town Hall Renovations: An architect’s report has been received and studied. The present building is structurally sound but improvements are needed; improved access, ventilation, new well & septic system and additional office and meeting space. The report is considered to be a working document not a final plan and can be found on the town website.

Roads: Work on Paramount Rd has been completed. New signs indicating speed limits and warnings about children and cyclists will be installed as soon as Quebec formally approves the new speed limits. Measures will be taken to improve lines of sight and safety at the junction of Glen Rd and Bolton Pass Rd -#243. The bridge across Autoroute #10 on Bailey Rd is closed until Sept 2023. Detour.