Editorial: Looking to the Future 

No one can predict the future, but we can make some educated guesses about what might happen in the Town of Brome Lake. This year, with $47M in planned expenditures over three years, the municipality’s budget gives us a taste of what is cooking for the future, in its three-year capital program. 

• Moving the fire station from Mont-Echo to Victoria Street. A project that has climbed to $11M and is still awaiting government subsidies (up to 50%) before starting.
• Reconstruction of the Fulford Road between Brome Lake and Bromont. Seven kilometers and as many millions, but not before new subsidies. 

• Repair of the sewer and aqueduct network around Chemin Montagne.
• Repair of provincial roads 243 and 104 over 5 kilometres.
• Deployment of charging stations for electric cars at Centre Lac-Brome, Lions Park and other locations accessible to residents and visitors. 

Added to this, the creation of four new positions at Town Hall, including that of Director of Communications and Citizen Services. An environmental officer will also join the team; the employee will be under the supervision of the general management and not linked to the inspections. Finally, a Human Resources manager will complete the picture. Cost: over $500,000. 

And finally this year will see the completion of the dam and the restoration of the Mill Pond after a mighty construction project, made more difficult and costly by heavy rains. The return of the mill pond will be a reward for locals and visitors alike, and especially for photographers who will once again be able take the classic picture of the United Church framed with the pond in the foreground.