Fresh fish far from the sea 

Fred Langan 

One morning a week Dave George drives to Montreal to pick up fresh fish from the Red Eye flight from Vancouver. “That is fresh halibut in season and sockeye salmon and some frozen seafood products,” says Dave who has been running his shop Knowlton General since last May. After his trip to Air Canada cargo there is fresh fish for sale in his shop by noon. Other days he drives in to pick up seafood shipped by truck. That includes Atlantic salmon, which is probably his number one seller, along with crab and shrimp cakes. Dave George’s retail operation is his first foray into retail after working as a chef in restaurants in many parts of Canada for more than 30 years. His shop is more than f ish. “The next most popular item is cheese, especially Ruban Bleu,” says Dave. “Apart from the seafood, the goal is to be as local as possible, including meat from Patch Farms in Brome.”