Town of Brome Lake Council 

Francine Bastien 

Blackwood dam: later and more expensive
The session took place in the presence of the mayor, all the councillors and about 25 citizens.
Question Period
Mayor Richard Burcombe said work to replace the Blackwood dam – which was due to be completed in December – will not be finished before the end of February. Also, the decontamination of part of the land under construction generated additional costs of $100,000. As for the development of Coldbrook Park, including Pettes Library’s expansion, the latter is still awaiting a major grant from the Government of Quebec. 

A citizen deplores the wild cutting of trees on Lakeside Road and fears the effects of such cuts on the health of the lake. He reminded council of its commitment to review the regulations on tree cutting to make them stricter. The mayor could not promise when the rules will be reviewed. 

Urban planning and environment 

The 45-unit “Development Knowlton” project on Julien Street will not take place, the promoter withdrew it after a register was held in which 107 people voted against it.
Leisure, culture, tourism and community life 

The environmental group Renaissance Lac-Brome obtained a $20,000 grant from the town for the purchase of a new boat. 

TBL will retain its status as a bilingual town
The session took place in the presence of the mayor, councillors and about ten citizens.
Question Period
A citizen questioned the effectiveness of the proposed by-law on short-term rentals and asked what the city will do in the event of non-compliance. The final regulations are expected to be adopted in March.
The town is creating three new positions to increase its “performance given population growth”: Ghyslain Forcier was promoted to Director of Communications and Citizens Relations; a director of human resources and an environmental manager will complete the trio. Robert Daniel, the director of public works, will combine the function of deputy director-general.
The land expansion project of is maintained. The register received no signatures.
Leisure, culture, tourism and community life
Subsidy of $87,000 to Theatre Lac-Brome as compensation for holding the public market renewed in 2023.
Grant of $132,600 to the Pettes Memorial Library.
Resolution maintaining bilingual municipality status
Recent demographic data from Statistics Canada shows that TBL now has 42.7% of its population whose mother tongue is English. However, Bill 101 sets this level at more than 50% to obtain the status of bilingual town. Council passed a special resolution to maintain the bilingual status of the town. 

Next meeting: Monday, February 6 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome