West Bolton Council Meetings

West Bolton Council – Dec 2022 

Budget Meeting December 12 

All Councillors were present. The meeting was chaired by Eddy Whitcher in the absence of Mayor Vaillancourt. 

The budget for 2023 proposes revenues of $2,185,818 an 8.1% increase over 2022 and expenses of $2,525 686, an increase of 16.2% over 2022. Several transfers and additional revenues will balance the budget. Property tax rates will be raised from 0.50 to 0.53 an increase of 6%. The tax on a property valued at $400,000 will increase from $2187/yr to $2315, an increase of 5.9%. The 3-year estimate of capital expenditures on roads and other infrastructure was also approved. The full details of the budget can be reviewed on the municipal website. 

The budget meeting was followed by a short meeting of Council to deal with regular municipal business. 

The municipal reserve on the property on Bolton Pass Rd near the Thirsty Boot will be formally cancelled. Consultants will be engaged to assist with the hiring of a new Director General/Treasurer and with training and advice on Town Planning. Notice of Motion was given on the proposed property tax rates for 2023. 

Payments for road maintenance operations were approved. 

The municipality will look for ways to reduce the volume of garbage and other waste materials. If you have a good idea, please contact the Town. The 2023 garbage collection schedule is posted on the West Bolton website. 

Please note that the bridge on Brill Rd that crosses Autoroute 10 is closed for major repairs.

West Bolton Council – Jan 2023 

The mayor and councillors were present. The mayor noted that the primary concern of council is to hire a new director general and manager of public works to replace the two members of staff who recently resigned. Applications will be received until Jan 27 followed by interviews and hiring. 

Questions – Included a few matters concerning the budget, grading of roads, bilingual status for the municipality and permits for harvesting operations in woodlots. It was agreed that a short explanation of the procedure to plan and carry out woodlot management operations would be prepared and made available to residents. Installation of hi-speed internet cables in WB is not always convenient for residents who may be required to bury cables. 

Town Planning – No permits were issued in December 2022. 

Administration – By-law 389-2023 listing the rate of property tax and other municipal charges for 2023 was passed. 

Bilingual Status – Council passed a resolution that West Bolton should maintain bilingual status. 

Roads – West Bolton will participate in the UMQ joint request for tenders to supply dust suppressant for gravel roads in 2023. 

Varia: – Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie – a 1000 km cycling event from Saguenay Lac St-Jean to Montreal will go through the Eastern Townships this year. On the late evening of June 10 as many as 1,000 cyclists will travel through Bolton Pass. Hydro Quebec is developing a program to modernize the transmission and distribution of electricity in our MRC. 

Next meeting: February 13, 2023 at 7:30 PM