West Bolton Council – February 2023

Tony Rotherham 

All members of council and ten residents were present. 

Questions included – The cost and efficiency of the 24/7 municipal telephone answering service; regulations covering swimming pools, short term rentals; Parks and Recreation tax on subdivision of lots. 

The Office de la Langue Française has acknowledged receipt of the Resolution to maintain the bilingual status of the municipality. 

Town Planning – Nine permits with a value of $583,000 were issued in January. 

2020 – 90 permits issued with a value of $2.8 million.

2021 – 124 permits issued with a value of $12.6 million

2022 – 136 permits issued with a value of $14.2 million 

The woodlot management and harvesting inspection agreement with the MRC has been renewed for the period 2023-2025. 

Nurturing Municipality – The establishment of a committee to develop a program to promote local agriculture and food production through public input, workshops and information sessions was approved. The program will be led by Nancy Lanteigne and Eddy Whitcher. 

An application for a short-term rental property on Person Road was approved after a lot of discussion. 

Municipal Staff – Jean-François Grandmont who has been the Director-General (D-G) and Secretary-Treasurer for several years will resign effective Feb 18th. Miss Maike Storks, who was assistant D-G, has been appointed D-G and Secretary-Treasurer to replace him. 

A part-time manager of public works/roads was appointed to replace John Rhicard. J-F Grandmont will act in a part-time advisory capacity for a couple of months during the transition. 

Roads – The agreement with South Stukely for summer maintenance of Highland and Parc des Sapins roads was renewed. 

Next meeting: March 13 at 7:30 p.m.