Soccer vedette 

Fred Langan 

Jayden Beerwort, a ten-year-old student at St. Edouard, is going to Spain to play in a high- level soccer tournament, the World Cup of junior soccer. 

He and his mother, Myriam Grenon, are travelling to the Mundialito 2023 tournament in Salou, south of Barcelona, in early April. The tournament has 8,000 players on 350 teams of high-level young players from 50 countries and five continents. 

“It’s very exciting. Soccer is more competitive there than it is here and more technical, so I expect to be able to learn more,” says Jayden, who plays competitive soccer with the Cosmos de Granby, as well as practicing in Montreal. He plays four times a week. 

In Spain, he will be playing with the École Sportive Montréal, a team based in Laval. Jayden dreams of one day becoming a professional player. He lives with his family: 4 sisters, father Steve Beerwort and mother Myriam Grenon, at Maui Farms on Center Road. The family ran a GoFund Me campaign to pay for the European trip