TBL Council – March 

Francine Bastien 

Adoption of the short-term rental by-law 

The meeting was chaired by Mayor Richard Burcombe in the presence of five councillors and about ten citizens. 

Questions – A representative of the opponents of the by-law on short-term rentals denounced the anti-democratic nature of the by- law in that it prevented the holding of a referendum to contest it. He also asked the council if it anticipates any problems following the adoption of said bylaw. Another citizen is concerned about the lack of conditions for short-term rental, such as the maximum number of people or parking space available. The mayor indicates that an administrative bylaw cannot impose such constraints. 

A couple of citizens who have repeatedly complained about noise and nuisance related to the short-term rental of a secondary residence located on rue Montagne implores council to help them put an end to the problem. They say the SQ does not consider their com- plaints ‘important enough’. The owner of the secondary residence in question has the “registration” of the Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Quebec (CITQ) but it is not in the areas where short- term rental is now authorized under the new TBL bylaw 599-4 – this is the case for 23 other secondary homes in TBL. 

During the 2nd question period, the spokesperson for the opponents of the by-law urged the council to enforce its by-law, otherwise he says “the courts will do it”. (Editor’s note: shortly after the bylaw was passed, a lawsuit was filed against the town to withdraw bylaw 599-4.) 

Public safety – The repair work on the Blackwood dam, which was to be completed in February, will be extended at least until March 31. 

Charging stations – TBL will apply for a grant to Quebec for the installation of two charging stations for electric vehicles at Centre Lac-Brome and Lions’ Park. 

Recreation, culture, tourism and community life – Installation this summer of four pickleball courts on the site of the skating rink in Foster. 

Financial contributions: Theatre Lac-Brome, International Literary Festival: $12,000; Lac-Brome community action: $6,000. 

Next meeting: Monday, April 3, 2023 at CLB