West Bolton Council – March 

Tony Rotherham

All members of council, except Marie-Blanche Richer, and eight residents were present. 

Questions included – How does the council decide whether a request for a derogation is minor or major? There is no fixed line. Decisions are based on the circumstances and possible effects of the change requested. Discussions continue on whether to renovate the Town Hall or build a new one. West Bolton residents will be consult- ed before a final decision is reached. Is there a limit to the number of short term tourist rental permits that will be approved? It was estimated that there are now about 15. West Bolton council meetings include two question periods, some municipal councils have only one. 

Town Planning – Nine permits with a value of $100,600 were issued in February. Two requests for minor derogations, one build- ing permit and one permit for a short term rental were approved. Approval was granted to renew the operating license on a gravel pit on the Bolton Pass Road. No expansion is planned. An application to permit 5-10 minute traffic interruptions on Spicer, Brill, Mountain, Foster and Stukely roads to allow the filming of a movie was approved. 

Administration – A new Assistant Director-General/Clerk Treasurer has been hired. There were 17 applicants, three were interviewed and one hired. The CITAM 24/7 answering service was renewed for two years. 

Roads – A contract to renew gravel on Stagecoach, Fuller, Argyll and Brill roads and a contract for summer road grading were approved. 

Next meeting: April 3, 7:30 p.m.