Town of Brome Lake Council – April 2023

By Francine Bastien 

Council looked at a bylaw on a right of first refusal on the territory 

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting in the presence of all the councillors and about fifteen citizens in the room. 

Questions – A citizen criticized the council-approved 28-home housing development on Frizzle Road. The project does not make enough room for green spaces, he said. The mayor and the director general affirmed that this sector is designated by the urban plan as lending itself to densification. 

Administration – The Sûreté du Québec will cost the town $2,286,982 in 2023. 

Legislation – Council announced amendments to five major municipal bylaws affecting zoning, minor derogations, permits and certificates, subdivision and construction. Council also adopted a first version of a “bylaw on the right of first refusal aimed at identifying the designated territory and the municipal purposes for which buildings may be acquired”. Some of the proposed amendments to bylaws include provisions subject to referendum approval. A public consultation session has been scheduled for the end of April. 

Next session: Monday May 1, 2023 at 7 p.m. CLB