Micheline Charbonneau

Fred Langan 

Micheline Charbonneau, who passed away peacefully at the age of 79, was a long-time dedicated volunteer at Tempo, working as a proof reader on every issue, making sure that the French language text was correct. 

Like many volunteers at Tempo, Micheline was more than qualified for the task. Before retiring she was a very successful entrepreneur. She was owner, president, and founder of a typesetting firm based in Montreal, Compotech. 

Born in Montreal, Micheline worked as a legal secretary before getting into typesetting. It was a business that was in her blood: there was a photograph on her desk at Compotech of her grandfather who ran a typesetting firm in the early 1900s. “My grandfather would be amazed if he could see our modern equipment,” she told a trade magazine. “And he would be even more astounded if he knew his granddaughter is president of a company and the operators of these photo-typesetting machines are all women.” 

One of her clients in the typesetting firm was the prestigious decoration magazine Decormag, which published editions in English and French, a forerunner of her work at Tempo. 

Micheline contributed local colour to Tempo meetings as she gathered information on her long daily walks through the village. Her sudden passing came as a shock to her son, Normand Hénault. “She had no visible health issues,” said Normand, an IT specialist at Desjardins Bank who moved to Bromont several years ago to be closer to his mother as well as the mountain. 

Micheline’s passing is a tragedy for Tempo staff who will miss her hard work, devotion, her smile, sense of humour, and her love of her community.