Affordable and mixed housing 

In the context of the Town of Brome Lake’s forthcoming Strategic Plan, many people are of the view that there is a considerable need for affordable owner-occupied and rental housing in our community to meet the requirements of older residents and to attract young families. 

As a former board member of both the Community Centre and Action communautaire Lac-Brome, and as past president of MADA (Municipalité amie des aînés), I heard many residents express that need on numerous occasions. 

In 2016-2018, as MADA president, I helped TBL hold a public consultation and draft its senior-friendly policy. Over two hundred people filled out a questionnaire and several discussion groups were set up. 

One of the issues that emerged very clearly was the demand for affordable and socially mixed housing and this priority was included in the Town’s policy without opposition. 

The average age in Brome Lake is one of the highest in Quebec and continues to rise. Many of us – particularly those who have lived here a long time – want to spend the rest of our days in this lovely town. To do so we will need additional services, a locally-resident workforce and new types of affordable housing located near existing services. 

Brome Lake must not be only for the well-to-do. Let us plan its future so as to welcome people of all ages and incomes. 

Elizabeth Dupéré Knowlton