TBL Council – June 2023

Francine Bastien 

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting in the presence of all councilors and about 25 citizens. 

Question period – A citizen wished to obtain clarification regarding the application of municipal bylaws, particularly with regard to short-term rentals. A lively exchange ensued with the clerk, Me Owen Falquero. Then the mayor decided: “It would take 15 inspectors to enforce all the regulations!” 

A citizen suggested paying part of the city’s debt out of the budget surplus of nearly $3M. 

Administration – Regarding an issue related to the first question, the municipality has decided to create a new position of assistant inspector in order to ensure a greater presence on the ground. The incumbent is Jean-François Charbonneau. The municipality will invest $31,916 for the installation of four double electric car chargers at Lions Park and Center Lac-Brome. Half of this amount will be assumed by Hydro-Québec. Adoption of borrowing bylaws totaling $3M at interest rates of 4.7% or more. Adoption of several regulations, particularly on minor exemptions, subdivision and construction. 

Urban planning and environment – An application for the construction of an eight-unit building at 438 Knowlton Road was refused. The Ultramar service station in West Brome will become an Esso station. 

Leisure, culture, tourism – From June 26 and during the summer, two patrollers will criss-cross the paths and parking lots of the municipality. Invitation was launched to vote (online on the VLB website) for one of the 56 mannequins exhibited in the streets of the village. The winner will be known in September. VLB undertook to adopt a policy regarding support for events. 

Next session: July 3 at 7 p.m. at the CLB.