West Bolton Council 

Tony Rotherham, LJI 

JULY  All members of council were present. There were nine residents in the audience.  The mayor noted that the heavy rains had caused damage to several roads.

Town Planning – 14 permits were issued in May for various projects with a total value of $1.6 million, including one new house. The annual “100b7” cycling event through West Bolton and TBL was discussed and approved. This year GARDA have been hired to control the flow of cyclists crossing highways. An application to the CPTAQ to establish a 2 ha lot surrounding a residence on Brown Road was approved.  A temporary part-time building inspector assistant has been hired for a period of 17 weeks.  Town hall opening hours have been changed: Monday and Friday: by appointment only. Tuesday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Roads and Infrastructure – The heavy rains caused damage to Bailey, Glen and Stagecoach roads. Work to resurface Argyll, Stagecoach, Brill and Fuller roads will start on August 7 and will take about one month. Beton Optimal will monitor the volume and quality of gravel used on the job.  Renovation and repairs to the town hall to provide private offices for some staff have been approved. Costs are estimated to be about $25,000. A provincial grant will cover the costs.  The MRC will undertake a review of waste collection and disposal in the 21 municipalities in the MRC as part of an effort to control costs and increase recycling and efficiency.  West Bolton and TBL will sign a 15 year cost-sharing agreement on fire protection to facilitate application for a provincial grant to cover part of the cost of the new fire station in TBL. Periodic adjustments to the agreement will be possible.  Implementation of the Family and Seniors Policy will be supervised by Councillors Richer and Lanteigne. The Recreation and Leisure agreement with Cowansville will be extended for 1 year.  “Meet Your Neighbours Day” will be celebrated on August 19th, 2023 at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels on Glen Road. 

AUGUST  All members of council were present. There were 9 residents in the audience.

Questions covered road maintenance costs, the Mt Foster emergency exit road, and renovation of the Town Hall 

Town Planning – 14 permits were issued in May for various projects with a total value of $1.27 million, including one new house. The application for a short-term rental permit for a property on Brill Road was refused after several neighbours complained of noise and disturbance by weekend parties at the house. Improved communication of the short-term rental rules of conduct covering parties, noise, music and fireworks, is needed. 

Roads and Infrastructure – A committee was established to look into availability of land for town hall renovation or construction of a new town hall. The final decision will be made by the Council after a public consultation.  Notice of Motion was given for the adoption of a formal procedure for assuming municipal responsibility for maintenance of private roads.  A $25,000 contract was approved to clean ditches and improve the drainage on municipal roads. An engineering contract to plan the replacement of three major culverts was approved.  The contract to remove and recycle waste materials was renewed for a year with an optional extension for an additional year. The recreation agreement between West Bolton and Town of Brome Lake was renewed until Sept 2025.  There was a short discussion of a potential increase in property tax rates for 2024 due to the recent inflation of property values. School taxes and the costs of police services by the SQ are not set by the municipality. 

Next Meeting: Monday, September 11th 2023