CARKE Terrace function explained 

Susan Jacques, LJI 

There has been much misconception as to the intended use of CARKE Terrace. These 13 acres of land were donated to TBL by the CARKE Foundation with the purpose of giving the general public more free access to the lake. It was never intended to be a beach. 

It is a provincial law that 10 – 15 metres of the shoreline should have a riparian buffer (a vegetated area which helps to shade and partially protect the lake from the impact of adjacent land uses). This is why the landscaping has been carried out in this fashion. It also sets the right example to others with property on the lake or nearby streams. Accommodation has been made for paddle boards and kayaks to access the lake and it is planned to install a dock. It is still a work in progress and the public is asked to be patient. 

Toilets will be installed above the parking on the other side of the road, and other installations, for everyone’s use. Brome Lake is one of the most important assets to our area and every effort should be made to safeguard its good health.