Sunnylea, a private residence on Victoria Street, is one of the most distinctive houses in the village of Knowlton. The brightly coloured Victorian masterpiece is perhaps more of a jewel inside than out. It is filled with antiques, from gramophones to 19th-century furniture and cupboards of well-preserved dresses. The house is kept as a splendid witness of Victoriana.

The property has never been sold outside the family since Henry Ernest Williams built it in 1876. The property was once a large farm; today, it is still around 20 acres, and its fields are hayed every year.

The land across the road was given to the Brome Land Foundation by the last owner, John Colby, the grandson of Henry Ernest Williams. Today his wife Grace’s son, Glenn Cranker is the custodian of this unique property with his wife, Maria. “We continue the tradition of keeping the house and the gardens in their original Victorian style,” says Maria.