An independent bookstore in a village of 5500 people or so?

Yes, you got it right. This is where, Louise Penny (a resident of Knowlton, known to her fans as Three Pines), an internationally known thriller-writer launches all her books. Many of her characters were actually inspired from people living here.

The store sells mostly English language books, a selection of French ouvrages and children’s books, games, magazines and newspapers. Unusual and pretty souvenirs can be had too.

Incidentally, here’s a scoop: Louise Penny’s next thriller is due for release on September 1st. The intrigue takes place in Paris, a new playground for the author.

Many of her originally signed books are available for sale at the store.

And if this is not enough to have you make a stop at the store, come meet owners Danny and Lucy and their dog Watson. They will be happy to welcome you as they have done in Knowlton for the past 20 years.

And, who knows, while you are nearby, you may bump into famous Inspector Gamache.