As the lockdown went on and on, many people needed the comfort of a pet. That is why it is hard to find a puppy these days. Some people decided to try hens, especially brown hens that are exceptionally friendly. With brown hens you get a loving companion and fresh eggs.  Recently a co-worker at Tempo discovered that someone had dumped a flock of four hens on her property. Regretfully, her dog could not resist and soon there were only three. Obviously their previous owners had discovered that hens were not for them. Or maybe they had returned to the big city and their urban life?  This story has a happy ending. A neighbour has a flock, and she has taken the three orphans in.  If you have hens, but think that you have made a mistake, hens are not for everyone, please contact me at the Tempo Facebook page. I will arrange to rehome your girls. There is a large and stable backyard-hen community in our region. You can be sure that they will find a good home.