To even think that one could visit the Town of Brome Lake without bumping into an artist is practically impossible. Year after year the town keeps attracting new artists, artisans, new talent and the trend is on the rise.

The secret? There is no magic recipe but some ingredients matter. The grandeur of the landscapes, the rolling hills and the sheer presence of a vibrant cultural scene, artists that influence one another, the presence of a supportive community, events such as Le Tour des Arts, and also the presence of creative spirits like Isabelle Daval from Hors-Cadre who keeps reinventing ways to promote visual arts. Or painter Michel Gamache who, in 2019 founded a workshop for six visual artists, Art Lab 341. And there is Théâtre Lac-Brome, a unique local institution, that many consider to be a gem (still on pause unfortunately) that generally provides a diversified bilingual, quality program year round.

To discover new talents, exchange views and experiences between artists, open up to different artistic approaches is almost child’s play in Brome Lake for those who are curious to discover these creative artists who open their doors to visitors.

How many are there? About 30, ceramists, potters, painters, sculptors, writers, graphic artists, glass blowers, musicians, theater directors, sound technicians, special effects creators, jewellers, wood workers and many others.

And about galleries
Want to go gallery hopping? There is the Art Lab 341 on Knowlton Rd. If you see the banner with the “open” sign on it, chances are some artists are at work and will be happy to answer your questions. This huge and spectacular space is where the art of half a dozen artists in residence – sculptors, ceramists and painters – is exhibited and sold. At Boutiverre (290A Knowlton Rd.) Caroline Couture, an artist-magician, transforms glass bottles into luminous works of art.

There is also the studio gallery Hors-Cadre 320 Knowlton Rd. Atelier Jany Fournier is at 36 Victoria; Atelier Jean Billette is at 160 Knowlton Rd, the Studio Galerie France Clavet is at 31 Moffat Rd. There is also Artco Rhonda Price. These are only some of the well known ones. Two recent additions are Galerie Ma-Ani at 99 Knowlton Rd. and ISOL at 233 Knowlton Rd.

Many artists work from their homes and welcome visitors by appointment. Go to for more information.

Translation: Francine Bastien