The present building was built around 1857 as a school, and purchased in 1962 as the Town Hall. It was completely renovated in 1995 (concrete foundation, running water, electricity, plumbing etc.) at a cost of about $90,000; equally shared by Ottawa, Quebec and the municipality. Now life has become more complex with new provincial and municipal regulations and more services for residents, all of which require management and space.

The building has about 160 sq.m. of office space on the first floor and 164 sq.m. of meeting space in the basement. The municipality needs more off ice space with wheelchair access, a couple of private off ices and storage rooms as well as a larger area for Council Meetings with residents in attendance.

The building sits on a lot of only 885 sq. metres. The water from the well is not potable and needs a filtration system. The septic tank is too close to Argyll stream to permit the installation of a standard leaching field and has to be pumped 10-15 times a year. More space for public parking is also needed.

The lot is too small to permit expansion of the building which sits only 3-6 m from the lot line. The land on both sides of the Town Hall is zoned green and the CPTAQ
(Commission de protection du territoire agricole) is very reluctant to allow agricultural land to be used for other purposes.

In 1976 an oak tree was planted near town hall to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Municipality and its rural tradition.

Two options are now on the table:

a) the purchase of additional land in the field lying on the left side of the Town Hall. This would allow expansion of the building, more parking space, installation of a proper septic system and a new well.

b) a new building on a parcel of land near the “Thirsty Boot”. This would require a change in MRC zoning and perhaps approval by the CPTAQ.

The mayor stated that when all the facts and costs are known they will be presented to the residents of West Bolton and they will decide what to do.