Ginette Richard is a Town of Brome Lake artist best known for her colourful mandalas. Charmed by the book boxes she had come across in several Eastern Townships communities, including Eastman, she thought of setting one up in the heart of Knowlton under the trees next to the Pettes Memorial Library.

Her idea took shape and she presented it to the town and the library, and they both decided to support the project. A box is now ready to receive books and readers near the benches next to the library, the perfect place to chat and relax.

The red box is hard to miss: its design echoes the architecture of the library. Handcrafted in Canada, it was painted by Ginette Richard, mounted on a stand by Louis Lacasse and topped with asphalt shingles by a professional roofer, Mathieu Houde. Such teamwork is typical of our lovely town.

The book box is intended mainly for adults because one for children already exists next to the daycare centre on Victoria, but children’s books are welcome anyway. Accessible at any time of day and requiring no membership card, the box allows people to drop off and borrow books free of charge. It is a great way to discover new authors and share the joys of reading. You can borrow a book without leaving one, or leave several books at once.

Ginette Richard dreams of developing activities around the book box, such as an open-air book club, storytelling or poetry readings. There are many possibilities and she is open to everyone’s suggestions.

Translation: Brian McCordick