With the seemingly everlasting, at times sorry spectacle, of the American election, and after months of waging a tough fight to deal with the anxiety and uncertainty of a worldwide epidemic that continues to take millions of lives, upends the economy and causes so much human damage, one wonders where are the reasons for hope on the horizon of 2021. This past year has tested our spirits like never before. With winter’s shorter and colder days settling in, it is hard to remain cheerful, let alone hopeful.

It takes more energy to convince ourselves that yes, there remain reasons to be hopeful. We’ll be celebrating the year-end holidays soon, and the first day of the new year 2021 also marks the 50th anniversary of our town. This event has special meaning for us this year. It is a historic milestone of course and it is also a part of our own personal history. In recent months, we have all heard or said ourselves that we are lucky to live here, a place where nature is generous, civility is still real and the pandemic has, until recently, been kept under relative control.

The 50th anniversary of the merger of Brome Township (hamlets of Bondville, East Hill, Fulford, Iron Hill and West Brome), with the municipalities of Foster and Knowlton, into the Town of Brome Lake, becomes a perfect occasion to celebrate and reflect on how our part of the world has become such an attractive and blessed area that more and more of us adopt and love. This is what Tempo will celebrate with you throughout this jubilee year. What makes the Town of Brome Lake special to you? Share your thoughts, your experiences with us whether you were here 50 years ago or just moved in this year.