The Town of Brome Lake, in partnership with Tempo, the local community forum is pleased to invite you to our vibrant town. This is a truly special edition of Tempo. The paper’s team of volunteers normally takes time off during the summer.

But, this year is different in so many respects. We normally distribute around 5,500 copies in TBL, West Bolton, Brome Village, East Bolton and St-Etienne-de-Bolton. This time we are also spreading our wings and reaching out to our neighbours from Brigham, Bromont, Cowansville, Dunham and Sutton. Some 30,000 copies of this special edition will be made available by mail and in various locations in the territory.

We may be vacationing closer to home this year but this is no reason not to be awed and pleasantly surprised by the imagination, resourcefulness and sheer goodness of all those who make our business community so resilient and exceptional.

Have a happy holiday in the Town of Brome Lake.