Alva House was built in 1872-73 by the Honourable Sydney Fisher who was Minister of Agriculture in the cabinet of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Mr. Fisher was born in Montreal in 1850 and studied at McGill and Cambridge in England. He bought 400 acres of land on the eastern shore of Brome Lake, to the north and south of and including Fisher’s Point and what is now 400 Lakeside.

Alva House overlooked Brome Lake and was surrounded by formal Victorian gardens. North of it he built Alva Farm where he made extensive use of new scientific agricultural methods.

Queen Elizabeth II and her family stayed at Alva House during the 1976 Summer Olympics, where her daughter, Princess Anne, was competing in the equestrian events at Bromont.

(This is the first of an occasional series on historic buildings in our area. The idea was suggested by the Brome County Historical Society and we welcome it.)