Dunham House, a 20 minute drive from TBL, and the only anglophone refuge in Quebec for people with mental health issues and addictions, is now able to take up to six private residents.

“We are an accredited residential facility that offers either a 30 day or a 6 month program,” says Murray Brohman, General Manager. He added that “As important as the programming is to the community itself, our residents live with each other in double rooms, eat togeth- er and share in all residential activities including household chores. Our supportive community is guided by our exceptional clinical care team and dedicated residential staff that encourage and demonstrate respect, cooperation and community living.”

“So many families, my own included,” says Rob Paterson, who joined the organization because of his own family experience, “have members who suffer from mental illness and addictions. In my own family, those who suffered, suffered alone. They and those of us who cared for them had no respite and no hope for the future. Dunham House offers families this welcome assistance.”

“Dunham House, though accredited by Quebec,” says founder Dan Colson, a resident of Knowlton, “is not a government agency but is owned and operated by a non-profit organization. It was founded by people whose families could not find the assistance that they needed for their own families. It is run as a true service for the community.”

If you need more information, you can contact Murray Brohman at: 450 263 3434 or email: m.brohman@dunhamhouse.ca