With the passing of Dr. William Barakett, we have lost a builder, a mover, an inspiration, a true pillar of our community. Many of us knew him personally as a physician who worked long hours with outstanding dedication. Without him, the Knowlton Medical Clinic would probably not have come to be. He fought tooth and nail to get this facility going. He was also at the heart of the public fundraising campaign to get the Centre Lac-Brome built to give our community a new and vibrant centre to meet the needs of our families, children, of people young and old.

On the Canadian and international scene, he was a well-known and respected figure in the field of addiction, a plague that affects so many people today.

Of course, he had his critics: all achievers do. But, his legacy will carry on much more forcefully than those critics. And, at the risk of sounding trite he will be a very hard act to follow. In fact, we can say that no one will really be able to replace him. Tempo expresses its deepest sympathy to Dr. Barakett’s family and to all those whose lives he touched.