The shuttering of Golf Inverness, by its owner Mr. Fontaine, over 30 months ago brought to an end, not  only golfing adjacent to picturesque Brome Lake, but has also severely compromised much of the unique character of the neighbouring residential development once known as “Inverness sur le Golf ”. A vast real estate development now seems inevitable, risking destroying precious green spaces and further compromising the quality of life and enjoyment the area offers. 

Le Comité Sauvegarde Inverness was set up following the closure of Golf Inverness to try to preserve and restore the overall quality of life now under threat.  The Comité has proposed a new “Vision for the Future”: “Inverness sur le Parc”, ( promoting the preservation of green spaces adjacent to existing homes, a new revitalized, community-centered vocation for the former Clubhouse, combined with controlled and environmentally responsible residential development. The Comité has officially submitted this proposal to the Town of Brome Lake and the two owners of the lands in question, both of whom have presented separate development plans to the Town. In making our submission to the Town, we are requesting that they assume the leadership they are uniquely positioned to provide and to initiate multilateral negotiations between the key players to achieve a consensus as to the future of the lands around the former Golf Inverness. From our municipal administrators and our elected officials, we as citizens, expect nothing less.  Now, a project of this scope requires the collaboration and mobilization of our community; it cannot be achieved without the commitment of those citizens who care deeply, and are prepared to defend, the fundamental nature of their environment. 

Le Comité Sauvegarde Inverness. (Chantal Brodeur, Don Macmillan, François Paré, Nicole Ricard, Jean-Bernard Trudeau.)