Protecting Brome Lake was all-important to Pierre Beaudoin and he made us share his concern when blue-green algae infested Brome Lake to the point of closing it for most of the summer of 2006. As secretary of Renaissance Lac Brome, a body dedicated to the protection of the lake, Pierre Beaudoin spared no effort to make citizens understand how important it was to adopt concrete measures to protect the lake and to ensure its long-term health. Pierre resigned from RLB at the end of July and has moved to the Montreal area.

 A vivid memory

One of his most striking memories from TBL dates back to October 2006 when more than 300 citizens filled the Odd Fellows Hall on a Saturday morning; worried citizens that were concerned about what was happening to their lake that was covered in a green slimey soup of algae. “I was aghast at this situation. Peter Wade, my neighbour at the time, who knew a lot about the lake, told me what had been done in the past; then came that meeting that launched RLB” says Beaudoin.

Documented files

Former RLB President and a biologist Michel Delorme joined RLB because of Pierre Beaudoin. “I wanted to join for a year. I ended up staying for nine. I really enjoyed working with Pierre. He knew all the facts of the file. At town Council meetings he asked relevant and pointed questions that made Council back-track at times or look at the facts under a different light.”

Brome Lake is in better health now than in 2006. “However, it is no reason to become complacent; we have to continue to be vigilant,” says Beaudoin. “Citizens have to be involved, cooperation with the town has to continue; concrete partnerships must be achieved in order to adopt concrete steps and we must carry out strict scientific tests in order to protect the lake.”

Michel Delorme also mentioned the important contribution to RLB of Dr. Francine Duclos, Pierre’s wife. She devoted countless hours to the association. The work of this dedicated couple has made TBL’s environment a healthier one.

 Another cause?

“I’m looking for another cause” quips Beaudoin even if the environment is still high on his list. He is now looking at other areas of intervention such as education where he has worked in the past. Whatever “cause” he decides to adopt in the future, he will surely make a difference as he did so brilliantly for our community and for Brome Lake.