Tempo Lac-Brome

Tempo Lac-Brome is a non-profit corporation based in Knowlton, Town of Brome Lake. We publish a bilingual community newspaper 10 times a year. Our first issue appeared in December 1983. Our objectives are:

  • Foster a greater sense of community in the diverse parts of the Town of Brome Lake and neighbouring communities (Brome, East Bolton, West Bolton, St-Étienne-de-Bolton)
  • Publish in French and English in order to serve both language groups, and to promote a better understanding between them
  • Keep residents better informed on the workings of municipal governments and of the various organizations and individuals in the area
  • Support business activity in the area and provide a medium for publicizing the area to investors, visitors and new residents
  • Provide a community forum for all those interested in sharing their views.

Editorial Board

Francine Bastien, Danielle Bridger, John Cameron, Micheline Charbonneau, Micheline Croteau, John Griffin, Susan Jacques, Claire Kerrigan, Fred Langan, Jean-Claude Lefebvre, Manon Legros, Denise Lemay, Meredith MacKeen, Robert Paterson, Nathalie Rivard, Jennifer Robinson, Tony Rotherham, Pat Schreiber, Christiane Voinson


Guy Côté, Brian McCordick, Michel Morin


J. Armand Gaudet


Vera Franta, Lee Moreland


Lois Bailie, Jane Fisher, Libby Johnson