The old road on Victoria was a lot lower than the current one. But does this picture show an old cobblestone road uncovered during the massive rebuild of Victoria? Mario Alarie, whose house is right in front of where this photo was taken, thinks so. His mother was an archeologist, so the ordered placement of what appears to be cobblestones caught his eye. “It looks like an old road bed to me. You can see how much lower the road was by looking at how some lawns rise to meet the new road,” says Mario. The Brome County Historical Society is not so sure. The evidence is now covered over, waiting for fresh pavement.

Under the Via Victoria

The extensive reconstruction of Victoria Street has yielded some secrets such as the old water pipes dating back to the last century that were removed to be replaced with newer pipes. Let’s hope that they last just as long as their predecessors did.

Work near the end

The reconstruction work on Victoria is scheduled to end on September 28 as originally planned. The paving of the road between Centre Road and Lansdowne Street should be completed during the week of August 20th thus facilitating the access to Knowlton Academy in time for the back to school week.