There was the black bin, then the blue bin and soon a brown bin will join the collection in front of your house. As of next January, the collection of household organic matter will start all over the territory of the Brome-Missisquoi MRC. Some sectors of the MRC are receiving the new brown bins as early as this month. In Brome Lake, distribution is expected to take place in December.

Why this new bin?

According to the Régie intermunicipale de gestion des matières résiduelles de Brome- Missisquoi – whose friendly acronym is RIGMRBM – 44% of the garbage we produce is organic food stuff. Diverting this matter from burying sites would reduce the pollution it causes. Organic material buried with regular garbage produces methane, a gas that is considered 20 times more powerful at producing greenhouse emissions than the carbon dioxide produced by cars burning fossil fuel. So removing 8000 tons of organic materials a year in a separate brown bin would be the equivalent of removing 949 cars from the road. The contents of the brown bins will be fed to a special composting platform, yet to be built on a special site in Cowansville, where it will be mixed with other organic residues; over time, the material will turn into compost.

Complement existing composting systems

Many of us, especially in the countryside already use a domestic composting system, so why add a brown bin? The brown bin will take all food residues such as meat, fish, fats, milk products, fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, soiled cardboard as well as your pets’ excrement as long as they are not in a plastic bag.

Together with the exterior brown bin, municipalities will distribute a small kitchen container for composting. It will come with instructions and a collection calendar.

We will keep you informed as the program is implemented throughout the MRC.