Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional responses.This is what explains the very special partnership between the Town of Brome Lake and Tempo and the presentation of this special edition of your community forum. The vitality of our town depends on its population. It is also dependent on the good health of its economy and that of its merchants, enterprises, restaurants, entrepreneurs and boutiques that put forward an array of inspiring ideas and goods.

For a few years now, attracting visitors to our region has been a priority for our town. Rich and diverse tourism sites and activities complement a very attractive environment.

The past few months have dealt a brutal blow to many of those who provide the economic lifeblood of our community. And the after-effects of this crisis are far from over.

TBL consulted with its merchants to better target its action. It became clear that encouraging neighbours to come for a visit was a preferred tool.

It is that much more necessary to support our artists, merchants, restaurants and all those who contribute to our economic well being. Needless to say, it is thanks to all of them that Tempo has been publishing for 37 years!

This project is a partnership between our businesses and our town. Tempo’s volunteers agreed to put this issue together with the financial contribution of TBL to cover the costs our advertisers would normally cover. Tempo does not get a grant from the town to put together this special edition.

Exceptionally, 30,000 copies of this issue will be distributed in our region in the hope of getting our close neighbours to come and share our “terroir”, our shops, our restaurants, our beautiful landscapes and our energy.

Keep in mind that in our area, the season stretches beyond the summer months into the fall colours, harvest season and all the beautiful walks and drives that come with it.

Dear neighbours, welcome to the Town of Brome Lake.