Alison Marks

The month of April may bring showers but it also brings a flurry of indoor seeding, as garden enthusiasts plant seeds which have been traded, bought or saved for the most wonderful garden ever. New types of peas, kale or beans, heavenly shades and scents of peonies, sweet peas or columbine – it makes the heart flutter.

To help us cultivate and develop this passion for all things cultivated, we are helped and guided by the Brome Lake Garden Club, whose mission is to advance the knowledge of and passion for gardening and horticulture, and to inspire a greater appreciation for the environment and ultimately, the world in which we live.

The Brome Lake Garden Club was started by two accomplished gardeners, Donald Miller and John Mitchell in June, 1985.

Today, with 200-plus members, the Garden Club devotes its energy and expertise to a wide array of horticultural, environmental and community projects like sprucing up civic and public spaces, participation in community gardens and fundraising for local communities. It also shares its knowledge with new gardeners.

With an eight-member Board of Directors, the garden club is well connected to the community and able to plan and offer its members a quality program. The current president is Kirk Lawrence.

Key club activities for members are varied and rich with gardening information. Guests are welcome for a small fee.

The Garden Club Speaker Program & Workshops, scheduled throughout the white months, keeps the idea of gardens alive while they hibernate. Occasionally, the Garden Club undertakes group excursions to interesting garden destinations. Visits to private gardens are a summer highlight.

Membership is $25/year for an individual and $35/year for couples. Membership has useful benefits, including expert advice from experienced gardeners and discounts at many local retailers. For information, call Alan Eastley, (450) 242-2333.