By Michael Caluori

Photo by Neal McCubbin

Monday, October 21 we witnessed the completion of the long awaited Town of Brome Lake linear park. Within an eight hour period, a helicopter installed the bridges at Trestle Cove ending almost thirty years of arguing, rumors and needless controversy.

We now have a linear park which connects two villages within the Town of Brome Lake, while offering all citizens some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere to be found.

As with most things of value in life, this park did not come easily. Many people worked on this park for over thirty years. Successive municipal councils, supported by many volunteers attempted to complete the park. Finally the current council has succeeded.

Congratulations to Mayor Burcombe and the current council for having the tenacity to complete the park. Thanks to all of the town employees past and present who contributed to the realization of the park.

Finally, thanks to the many volunteers, too numerous to mention (you know who you are) who, for more than 30 years, never gave up. All we have to do now is get out and enjoy the Park.

We, as a community, earned it!