The highlight of the BMP brunch, held at Auberge West Brome on May 5, was the presentation of the George Bristol Award, to Dr. William J. Barakett (Bill).

Not only did Dr. Barakett practice family medicine for 47 years but he was a co-founding member of the BMP Foundation and its Vice-President and President from 1989 to 2001. He was deeply concerned about the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities and is President of the Butters Foundation.

Bill Barakett is respected as an expert in the treatment of addictions and he has raised millions of dollars to improve health care services through fundraising and philanthropy.

Sadly, due to health reasons, he was unable to be present at the event but his daughter, Élise Barakett, accepted the award on his behalf and she stressed how important the BMP Hospital and its patients were to her father. This award presentation was a very emotional one and the brunch participants rose to give Dr. Barakett a standing ovation.

It was with great pride that Lola Landes, the BMP Foundation Director, announced that thanks to the generosity of sponsors, draw partners, 340 guests and donors, the 2019 BMP Brunch had raised a record $24,000.

(Photos courtesy BMP Foundation)