We are all part of Nature, and it’s our right to speak up for it. When Nature flourishes, we thrive. There are solutions to the mass species extinction and loss of biodiversity crisis that’s upon us, and it is within our power to make the changes needed, to speak up, and collectively make it so! 

As political parties develop their election platforms, each of us can make sure our leaders know we must respect, protect and restore Nature so it may continue to sustain life. 

The 2020s holds promise of becoming our transformation decade. Organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation, SumOfUs, and many others are working through the actions of citizens like you and me in the tens of thousands who collectively lobby for change by writing letters, signing petitions, speaking up every day to protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life, now and for the future. Research shows it takes 3.5% of a population to affect real change. In Canada half a million of us have mobilized to speak up for the environment, and we are being heard. We now need a million or more of you to join with us to speak up together for Nature, to affect change. Throughout history, we’ve  demonstrated we are capable of solving great threats to humanity. The past year has proven our capacity to work together and mobilize massive change. It’s time now for every one of us to connect with an organization like the David Suzuki Foundation, Sum of Us, or another of your choosing to become a collective voice to ensure the 2020s is indeed our transformation decade. 

I encourage you to join us, and most importantly to participate with us in the collective action campaigns these organizations make available to us every day to SPEAK UP for Nature! 

Denise Beamish West-Brome