It would be difficult to think of a more local business than Kylla Bowbrick and Ben Lace’s store, Boulangerie Lace. Members of long-established local families, both attended Knowlton Academy before, doing what many locals have to do, spreading their wings in Montreal and Ontario. 

Knowlton’s call, however, was irresistible, and they have come home. Come home literally, as Ben bought his old family farm. Their oldest son attends Knowlton Academy, and the younger ones will go to Kindergarten there next year. They supply the school breakfast program with muffins and scones every week. 

The couple started their business supplying other local restaurants and cafes with baked goods. If you have a pizza or a dessert at Scotyz, Boulangerie Lace made the dough and the dessert. 

Boulangerie Lace has become a family kitchen for those who are tired of cooking or who need a break from the routine but want a meal that their mother might have made. 

They also have specials where you can get the kind of food that is not available locally. They had a sellout for their recent Chinese dinner and Saint Patrick’s day special. They hope to have a couple of such specials every month. 

They have kindly taken on the Meals on Wheels Program run by the Wellness Volunteer Centre, where they supply 10-20 meals a day, four days a week. 

The store is filled with a wide variety of frozen dinner possibilities. Their hens provide an ongoing supply of fresh farm eggs, and they have shelves full of foods from other local suppliers such as Virgin Hill Coffee. 

Here is a link to their Facebook site where you can find out more: