The Brome Bright Lights story competition, sponsored this year by the Knowlton Lions Club and the Knowlton Players, was organized by Danny and Lucy McAuley. Other judges were Wendy Seys and Jane Livingstone. It is always difficult to select the winners from the imaginative and creative stories submitted and this year was no exception. The overall winner of the $200 prize (selected from all the first-place winners) was Edward Grand with his story entitled “Sissi Leaves the City”. The first-place winner in each grade received a $50 prize and the second place a $25 prize.

Congratulations to all winners and participants.

Grade 1 / 1ière année

1st – Knowlton Academy The Treat Mystery by Theo Rietveld Franssen

2nd – Heroes Elementary Lea’s Day in the Forest by William Burns

Grade 2 / 2e année

1st – Waterloo Elementary Sissi Leaves the City by Edward Grand
2nd – Knowlton Academy The Skeletons by Annabella Hollenbeck

Grade 3 / 3e année

1st – Heroes Elementary The Great Escape by Sarah Smith
2nd – Knowlton Academy Coco and Ravin’s Adventure by Sky Woodard

Grade 4 / 4e année

1st – St-Édouard Bugtown Frenemies by Emelia Grace Frizzle 

2nd – Heroes Elementary The Invisible Friend by Nikki Whitehead

Grade 5 / 5e année

1st – St-Édouard But Where? But How? by Storey Williams

2nd – Knowlton Academy St. Patrick’s Day Disaster by Olivia Picken

Grade 6 / 6e année

1st –St-Édouard Norbert the Village Ignoramus by Dexter Greer

2nd – Knowlton Academy Robotical Life by Viktor Royea