Brome Fair this year may be unlike the previous events… but not completely. Remember 1918? Probably not. It was the year of another pandemic: the Spanish Flu. Going through her family album, a Tempo volunteer discovered that her grandfather, Frank Strange, was President of the Brome Fair that year. Born in England in 1856, he worked at Windsor Castle as a ground keeper. He was given a walking cane with a sterling silver crest by no other than Queen Victoria before he emigrated to Canada in 1872. He later married Clara Amanda Hall and moved to her family’s 500-acre dairy farm in East Farnham. He died in East Farnham in 1934 at the age of 78. Back in 1918, the record shows that a second wave of the Spanish Flu occurred in the fall, and it proved to be the deadliest… It took place right during the time of Brome Fair.