Since Tempo’s last update on medical services in May 2019, have the services provided to TBL’s residents improved, deteriorated or stayed unchanged? Are there any new ones?

COVID-19 Symptoms:

To assess your symptoms, go to, switch to English and select “Symptom self-assessment tool’’ in red section on top of page or call 819-644-4545 or toll-free 1-877-644-4545.

• Minor or non-urgent health issues for patients with or without a family doctor:

a) (Improved) Knowlton Medical Clinic confirmed to Tempo they have set up access at the clinic for “orphan” patients, namely those without a family doctor, who telephone in the morning with urgent minor issues. Questions will be asked over the phone: place of residence; “orphan” or registered with a doctor; nature of reasons for a consultation; and so on. If certain symptoms relate to COVID-19, you may be referred to a Centre de dépistage (screening unit) or a Centre d’évaluation (assessment centre). Medical consultation in person or (new) by telephone. Coordinates: 450-243-5043; 280 Victoria St. Knowlton

b) The website states: “People without a family doctor or whose doctor is not available can also, if necessary, have a consultation the same day or the day after.” Where you are sent depends on your postal code. TBL residents looking for help within 20 km have access to: Centre de Santé Sutton, during the hours set by the Centre. Coordinates: 450-538-3983; 33 rue Principale Sud, Sutton.

N.B. Patients without a family doctor at this clinic cannot call before 9:30 a.m. for a same day appointment or for the next day. Closed Sundays. Open Saturday until noon. Always closed between noon and 1:00 p.m.

Cowansville Medical Clinic:
Coordinates:450-266-4060; 101 Albert St. #1001, Cowansville.

(New) Telephone consultations. Very efficient!

N.B. Residents wishing to consult a clinic further away can find out which ones are available on this site:

c) (Improved for orphan patients). You can call 811 at any time to obtain help or access to medical resources.

N.B. During the week there is a lot of phone traffic between 10 a.m.. and 2 p.m. Waiting times can exceed an hour.

(Unchanged) For any emergency call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

(Unchanged) CLSCs and pharmacy nurses are resources available to take blood samples, change dressings, wash ears, provide vaccines, check arterial tension and provide certain at home services.

Pharmacists can renew prescriptions and prescribe certain medicines.

Translation: Tam Davis