• In June, we reported on a pair of Chickadees nesting in a two-holed nesting box on a porch and a potential baby announcement. Unfortunately, a Blue Jay flew in, tried to attack the box, but had his plans thwarted by the man of the house. This incident was seemingly enough to cause the tiny Chickadees to abandon their eggs and temporary home.

However, a couple of weeks later, another pair of Chickadees (or the same pair) set up shop and, after much coming and going, produced three fluffy babies. One was pushed out by his siblings and initially had problems flying, but eventually the family left the vicinity for another neighbourhood. On checking inside the uninhabited nesting box and cleaning it out, no less than six tiny brown and white speckled eggs were discovered. The mystery is whether these were left behind when the nest was initially deserted or were they unhatched eggs from the recent family.

• Bird feeders were a popular target for bears in the month of July and much as many of them are squirrel-proof, a bear can totally destroy them in order to feast on the contents. The smell of rotting seed under the feeders is irresistible to a bear and the main reason why they zone in on feeders. The Rockhill area was particularly targeted and the bears were so much at home that one was spotted contentedly resting on a padded lawn chair on a porch.

• A fully antlered moose decided to take a stroll towards the Marina but stopped en route for a nibble at vegetation on gardens on Warren Street. Deciding there wasn’t much to please his palate, he leisurely strolled back towards the woods and field beyond. How wonderful to live in the country and have these animals on our doorstep.

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