Christmas 2019 is just a distant memory but not for a pair of robins who found a perfect nesting spot atop a well-furnished holiday wreath. With glee, and a touch of impertinence, they carefully crafted their nest outside the front door of a village home, thus prevent-
ing the owners from using this entrance to their house. What fun for the adopted family to follow the eggs being laid and brooded over and then the eventual arrival of three scrawny babies who kept their parents busy with constant demands of “more” food. Then, the first flight and departure of the family to less familiar territory.

• It seems that birds will sometimes tolerate the relocation of their nest but only if there are no eggs in it. A pair of wrens started to accumulate twigs in a nesting box on a covered porch but, since the patio was about to be painted, the box was carefully moved to another sheltered location on the property. After much frantic twittering and batting of wings, the wrens found the new haven and speedily moved into their new home, laid eggs and another reproductive cycle commenced. However, on other occasions, when a nest with eggs is moved, the birds inevitably desert their would-be offspring.

• Walking one’s dog in the woods of West Bolton during the month of May proved to be particularly hazardous for a woman who had a fear of snakes. On one outing, she encountered no less than three garter snakes literally lying across her path. They were completely comatose, and one can only imagine that the extreme heat and dry conditions had caused this phenomenon.

• Videos of strange bedfellows playing together are often shown on the internet, but a Knowlton condo-dweller was amazed, and amused, to see a cat and chipmunk playing “cat and mouse”. There was seemingly no ill intent intended by the cat as it gave chase to the tiny striped playmate and gently patted it with his paw on catching up with it. Maybe, since the cat had been de-clawed, this was the game-changer but it provided a much-needed diversion during the current COVID lockdown.