• A rare Northern Mockingbird has been wintering in the area and, after being spotted alone for a couple of months, in the vicinity of the Marina, it was reported that he had changed location and found a mate. This bird has a long tail and pointed beak and is quite territorial, with a loud voice, when warning off Blue Jays and other smaller birds. Let us hope he and his companion will make it through the winter.

• A client of Santé Dentaire Lac-Brome was fitted with a mouth guard and left with it in her coat pocket. She parked her car at her office, to pick up a few files, and then returned home. It was only then that she realized the new contraption was no longer in her pocket. In a panic, she hastily drove back to the parking spot outside the office and started to search in the snow. She spotted a white piece of plastic and it soon became evident that the car’s tires had driven over the case and it had exploded into tiny pieces. The client slowly backed her car up and, to her joy and amazement, the mouth guard was lying, unharmed under where the car had been parked.

In the meantime, she had checked in with the dentist’s office and they had searched both inside and outside in the parking area. She called them back to explain what had happened, and, later that evening, the receptionist dropped by her house with a replacement case – now, that’s service.

• A woman was driving past Coderre’s on Victoria Street in Knowlton when a furry animal ran in front of her car, causing her to brake suddenly. The animal kept darting about to try to cross the busy road and, eventually, disappeared under the car and, according to several bystanders, never came back out. Despite a thorough search under the hood, the trunk and the underside of the car, the Muskrat seemingly never reappeared.

The driver, with trepidation, drove to South Bolton and then returned home to Knowlton. Later that evening, who should reappear from under her car but Mr. Muskrat who had apparently been hitching a ride in the front bumper of the car.