• Circumstance one summer threw together an affable golden retriever and a ferocious tiny tabby cat in the same house. The cat swiftly went about making the dog’s life a misery, stealing his favourite sleeping spots, hissing his every move and taking up all the psychic space he normally enjoyed. So what happened one day flew in the face of the now-familiar pattern of abuse. The dog was sleeping outside on the driveway, soaking up heat from the asphalt when a doberman suddenly appeared and immediately attacked the harmless dog. Equally suddenly, the tabby dropped out of a tree, onto the doberman’s back, claws out, and rode him howling down the road. When she returned, she patrolled the driveway, stiff-legged, but the Doberman had had enough, and life returned to normal. 

• It is mind-boggling what treasures can be unearthed when digging in the garden in the spring. A vintage 1989 “Snoopy on dog- house airplane”, originally found in McDonald’s Happy Meals, appeared in a shovelful of soil. Unfortunately, Snoopy’s airplane must have been downed – a flight gone wrong – as only Snoopy was found. He was part of a pull back and propel forward toy which was a compelling reason to visit MacDonald’s. I wonder how many of these toys made it back to the hangar. 

• Acquiring a new car is normally an exciting occasion but, as we get older, it can also be an incredible challenge and headache. There are so many computerized gadgets and symbols that, for many who haven’t changed their car for many years, it is a dangerous and stressful maze.  Recently, this resulted in a lady running out of gas on the main street of Knowlton and, luckily, being discovered and helped by a gentleman. However, it took him and two other good Samaritans to discover how to open the gas tank to pour in some gas. 

Wouldn’t it be a good idea for car dealerships, when selling a car to an older person, to provide them with a crib sheet of the basic symbols and instructions? We are not all geniuses when it comes to modern-day technology.