• Oscar, a cat now aged about seven and living in Fulford, was adopted as a kitten. During the hot and humid days of last summer, his owners left their bedroom door open for air circulation. His mistress, an early bird, was cleaning the stairs while her husband was still asleep when she heard him stop breathing. Before she could even blink an eye, Oscar bounded up the stairs and into the bedroom. The cat must have unceremoniously woken the man since his wife could hear him swearing and hissing at the cat to leave the room.

Obviously, it’s not only dogs that can perform these special life-saving tasks. His owner now knows why Oscar would scratch, in the middle of the night, at the closed bedroom door.

• A man, on his way to a play rehearsal at the United Church, stepped out of his front door and literally tripped over a skunk who was happily eating bird food. Of course, he was sprayed. He went back into the house, changed all his clothes and, in spite of being advised against it, went to the rehearsal. Since he had on the same pair of shoes, he caused quite a stink when he arrived at the church. He was finally persuaded to return home and remove his shoes in the garage. However, the close to 50 people at the play practice went home with an extra aroma hanging around them that lasted a few days.

• At Midnight Madness, a young girl was heard sobbing uncontrollably and had blood dripping from her mouth. It was suggested that an ambulance be called or the First Responders but, on further investigation it was found that, while waiting for the horse-drawn carriage ride, she had put her tongue on the cold metal handrail. When she pulled away, a layer of skin came off her tongue. How many of us did that when we were young?

• Two local lasses, who happened to know each other, both ended up in the battery section at Barnes (Home Hardware). Surprise, surprise, they were both buying replacement batteries for their bath- room scales – the holiday excesses had come to roost.