• Bravo to the Knowlton Post Office. Where else in the world would an envelope, written by a young child, reach its destination:
“Grama Jo 7 edgeHillroad Knowlton Quebec

• A man was boarding a cruise ship after a visit to Cozumel Mexico when a gust of wind blew his Tilley hat overboard into the water fifteen feet below, between the ship and the wharf. It could be seen happily floating there and the man, with aid from three crew members, tried unsuccessfully to retrieve it. The wind and waves kept moving it out of reach and, after 45 minutes, the tourist gave up and went to his stateroom for a nap. On getting up, he decided to give the retrieval another try. As he reached the gangplank, a member of the staff enquired why he was leaving the ship and on hearing his explanation informed him that the errant hat had been retrieved by a security officer. He speedily went to the front desk and reclaimed a wet but seemingly unscathed Tilley. The man was so happy, and feeling it was his lucky day, headed straight for a little flutter at the casino.

• At a broomball tournament in Fulford, a giant of a man from the Lennoxville area was one of the participants. Apparently, he wore a size 17 shoe, and these had had to be improvised for him in order that he could participate.

• Either we have a serious over-population of deer in the town of Brome Lake and the animals are very hungry, or they have decided to experiment with a different diet. A resident was somewhat surprised and a little peeved to find a four-footed muncher eating the fake plastic berries on the wreath she had hanging on her patio.

• An employee at the IGA received by mail a credit card statement for 7 cents and, after he paid this amount, he received another one for 1 cent. He is waiting to see what surprise the computer will come up with next and how much postage the bank will shell out in the interim.