• Surprise,surprise, freezing rain was in the forecast and this time a woman wanted to be totally prepared for any eventuality. Since her car was parked outside the house, she pulled the wipers away from the windshield and covered them with some bright pink angora socks to keep them snug and from sticking to the glass. There was indeed freezing rain and then the temperature plunged to -20C and remained well below zero for four days. In spite of sunshine, those colourful angora socks were stuck solidly to the wipers and no amount of coercion would free them.

Finally, the man of the house decided that the car absolutely needed an outing and he volunteered to yank off the stand-in pyjamas. In so doing, the rubber was ripped off the wiper and he was left with the task of driving the car to a local garage, with colourful wipers sticking up for all to see. The staff at the garage couldn’t control their laughter and it was soon evident that both wipers had to be replaced and the socks allowed to thaw out in the comfort of their own home.

• On the worst blizzard day at the end of February, four stalwart ladies decided to get together for their usual game of mah-jong. The driver left her heated garage to pick up two other players at their respective abodes and drove them into the underground parking of one of the Coldbrook condos. After an enjoyable afternoon, the three unsuspecting guests left to drive home but, on leaving the garage, were met with a total white-out and a huge snow drift, into which they plowed. The over ninety-year-old driver had to climb over the console to exit the car and help with the digging. Their hostess came to their rescue with a shovel but, luckily, they were rescued by a kindly young chap in a pick-up.