• What do you do when a bandit-masked, fuzzy, bushy-tailed animal runs out in front of your car and you unavoidably hit it? A racoon did exactly that to a young lady and she was traumatized to find the animal still alive and suffering beside the road. She called 911 to report the matter to the police. When they arrived on the scene, they were surprised to have been summoned since there was no damage to the car.

For readers’ information, if you hit an animal with your vehicle or see a dead animal by the roadside or in the forest, especially if it is an animal that must be declared, you should contact the Bureau de la protection de la faune at 1-800-463-2191. If your car is damaged, you should also call the police and make a report. There is very good information on the TBL website under “residents” and “wild animals”.

• A man was out hunting when a great gray owl silently landed on a branch about ten meters from him. In his 40 years of hunting, this was only the second owl he had seen – “Wow, what a sight!” The quiet morning was rudely interrupted by a pair of blue jays that landed behind the raptor and proceeded to squawk loudly in an “annoy the raptor chorus”. The owl, trying to chase away the noisy neighbours, would rotate on the branch to face his nemesis only to have them fly to another limb behind him.

The scenario of loud squawking, owl repositioning and gamesmanship was repeated for about two minutes. At one point the owl looked down at the hunter as though begging for help but all the man could do was shrug his shoulders. With no end in sight, the owl flew away followed by the noisy jays and the game continued many meters away.

Do jays have a feud with owls or are they trying to save the field mice from the raptor?